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Designing the Perfect Family Home

Designing the Perfect Family Home

Every family is unique, so the perfect family home will mean something slightly different to everyone. Of course, there are a few things most families look for like a great location, room to grow, good school zones, local amenities and affordability.

But beyond these considerations how can you design your home as family-friendly as possible if you’re building new? Here are some tips you might not have considered.

Plenty of storage

 Families tend to collect stuff as they grow, and plenty of it. From school supplies to toys, sporting equipment and even basics like clothes and bed linen, it all takes up a lot of room when you’ve got enough stuff for several people.

Without enough storage space to tuck it all away, life can get a little cluttered. So definitely factor this in when choosing your floorplan and use your space as wisely as possible. Perhaps work with your builder to add additional built-in storage solutions in the home. Or, incorporate an attic space; this can be fantastic for larger, less used items like luggage and your Christmas tree.

Of course, regular clean outs help to avoid things piling up in your home, but good storage is key. Everything in its place and a place for everything, as the saying goes.

Sleeping and living zones

If possible, having a separation between living and sleeping areas is a great option for a family home. For instance, in an ideal world, you probably don’t want your bedrooms coming straight off the living area.

Similarly, it’s a great idea if you can design your spaces so there are separate zones or living areas for adults and kids. Having a second living room or rumpus can be a fantastic multi-use space as your family grows. For young families, it can be a room where kids watch Frozen on repeat to their heart’s content. For teenagers, it’s the perfect retreat and it can even be a great workout space for parents that is separate from the rest of the house.

Opt for durability where possible

 White carpets and hard wood floors white be gorgeous, but may not necessarily be the best choice if you’ve got pets, kids or teenagers. If you’ve got multiple people living under the same roof you need durable surfaces, fixtures and fittings.

From sturdy light switches to wipe-clean paint choices, laminate flooring and fixtures like taps, benchtops and doors and doorknobs: strength, longevity and functionality are important.

Indoor-outdoor living

With modern homes, living space doesn’t end at the back door! Having an alfresco area adjoining your internal living and dining allows you to expand that useable space and keep all the mess outside during dinners, birthday parties and play dates.

Also, don’t forget to think about where you’ll barbecue and incorporate a covered space so that children and pets can play outdoors on rainy days.

The right community

You may have nailed the design of your dream home, but don’t forget to consider where exactly you want to live. New areas, with nearby schools and community facilities, are a great choice for young families.

In the heart of the booming west, Willow is located just a couple of minutes from Armstrong Creek town centre, 10 minutes from Torquay and within easy reach of Geelong CB, making it the perfect place for first home buyers and families!

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