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Understanding the Willow Design Guidelines

Understanding the Willow Design Guidelines

So, you’ve decided to buy land and build your dream home at Willow Mt Duneed – how exciting! Like many new communities, Willow has set out some easy to follow Design Guidelines aimed at ensuring all homes within our boutique community meet high quality standards of design, construction and presentation. It’s important for all future residents to understand these before commencing their build journey, so, just what do you need to know?

What are design guidelines and why do I need them?

The Design Guidelines aim to assist all future Willow owners in preparing an appropriate design response to help achieve consistency in the quality of homes constructed, as well as landscaping throughout the community. To ensure that these guidelines are upheld, all designs are required to be approved by the Design Assessment Panel (DAP).

Design Guidelines aren’t intended to restrict design or development. Instead, they are there to benefit you by…

  • Encouraging visually appealing and cohesive streetscapes; and
  • Providing you with confidence and comfort about the standard of housing you can expect in your estate.
  • In other words, the Design Guidelines help you maximise the value of your investment, complement Willow’s natural surroundings and help enhance the quality of the community.
What sort of design guidelines will apply to me?

Homebuyers can find the Willow Design Guidelines on our website, or get a copy from the land sales team. Typically, design guidelines will set out a minimum requirement for house designs, landscaping, fencing and how the house should be positioned on the land. Some blocks may have special requirements additional to these, which you will have to take into consideration. To see what’s included in the Willow Design Guidelines, click here.

Design guidelines will be included in your contract of sale. It’s also a good idea to request a copy when you get close to purchasing your block of land. Our Estate Manager, Brooke, will be able to explain the guidelines in detail with you and discuss the various design options available before you purchase your land.

Have you chosen your builder?

When choosing your home design with your desired builder, these guidelines are something they should be made aware of before any contracts are signed. Be sure to ask them what (if any) impact they will have on your home design, this will avoid any surprise amendments coming along down the track and delaying the start of construction.

What other regulations and restrictions may apply?

Design guidelines aren’t the same as standard building regulations and permits. Your builder will need to engage a building surveyor to obtain a building permit before building works can commence.

Additionally, there may be other government imposed covenants on your land, for example, fire and flood mitigation restrictions to protect the entire community. These will be included in the Section 32 within your contract of sale if relevant.

Always use due diligence when reviewing contracts and discuss any questions with your conveyancer or the local Council.

In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team on 0488 212 267. And if you’re keen on securing your place in our Mt Duneed community, you’d best get in quick! Our last release is selling fast, register your details today to avoid missing out!

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